G G Baker & Associates is marking the 20th anniversary of the publication of Enjoying Majorca with a new edition specifically updated for Kindle, iPad and other e-readersPamela Legge’s classic account of expatriate life on the island was published in hardback in 1995, admirably combining her lively autobiography with a keen insight into Mallorca’s history, traditions and locations off the usual tourist track. Retitled Enjoying Mallorca and with a new cover showing the garden she created, the Kindle version incorporates many of the changes that the island has witnessed over the past 20 years whilst remaining true to Pamela’s story.  The section on Mallorcan history has also been greatly expanded.  A major advantage of the searchable e-book format is that key facts and information on, for example, particular towns and villages, forthcoming fiestas or local food and wine are instantly accessible, making this even more of an absorbing reference source and travelling companion.  The line drawings by Claire Baker which were a feature of the original book have also been retained.


Pamela’s story

Pamela holidayed on Mallorca in 1952 and unexpectedly found herself working as a temporary assistant to Robert Graves. She spent her honeymoon on the island two years later and, in 1986, made her home there. She relates how she and her husband adapted to expatriate life in the sun, the complexities of building a house in Spain, and her various encounters with local eccentrics and bureaucracy.  The reader is also introduced to some of the people who enriched the author’s life there: Sample letters from Robert Graves give a glimpse of him not just as the famous author and poet, but also as a man displaying genuine consideration and concern for his friends.

Enjoying Mallorca as a travel guide

Pamela’s well-researched detail on the island’s history and traditional fiestas and history make Enjoying Mallorca a valuable guide for any visitor or resident who is keen to discover the ‘real’ Mallorca.  Virtually every town and village on the island is described, together with a small number of tried and tested restaurants.  There is a useful map, a calendar of all the key fiestas throughout the year and a comprehensive chronology of Mallorca’s history.


 ‘Two books in one – Pamela Legge’s story and her observations on Mallorca’s natural charms and way of life will have you falling for this Mediterranean idyll’

For more about the book and to read reviews of the first edition see this leaflet

Enjoying Mallorca can be read on any PC, iPad, or Kindle e-reader and is available via Amazon in the UK for £3.99, the USA for $5.99 and the EU for €4.99. 

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